Integrated Educational Programs

P.O.E.P. provides its students with innovative educational programs, renowned teachers, and guaranteed professional rehabilitation.

Professional Diploma

We provide you with professional diplomas and certificates from international educational bodies (IAMA, WMF, and PSU).


The only opportunity of obtaining a degree by distance learning.


Flexibility in attending in-person, synchronous, and asynchronous online learning classes.

Easy Process
of Payment

Tuition payment per course.


We organize conferences and volunteer activities for both ourselves and our students.

Licensed Professional Diploma by International Educational Bodies

Obtain a degree from recognized worldwide educational organizations, such as the World Massage Federation (WMF), the International Association of Alternative Medicine (IAMA), and the Progressive Studies University (PSU).

Top Seminars

A wide variety of massage courses with the opportunity of obtaining certification of study attendance.

An international organization
founded by the inspiration
of a man

Giorgos Thoktarides

Alternative Therapist of Musculoskeletal Diseases

  •      Certified Chiropractor 
  •      Member of the International Association of Alternative Medicine
  •      Education Director of the World Massage Federation
  •      President of PASEMETH (Panhellenic Association of Massage Professionals and Alternative Therapists)

More than 80 Specialized Seminars


Intercontinental Massage Championship 2022 & Panhellenic Massage Championship 2022

“Your performance in the Panhellenic and Intercontinental Massage Championship 2022 is the best proof that by combining suitable teachers with dedicated and ambitious students we can reach the top”.

A school that meets the needs of the beginner to the most experienced professional

Are you a High School Graduate?

Start your studies at the No1 internationally recognized educational organization in Greece!

Expertise or Further Education

Specialize in the area of expertise of your taste by choosing a wide range of courses and get your certification!

Spa & Wellness Centers

With many years of experience in the field of educational programs, P.O.E.P. undertakes the staff training of wellness businesses!

Lifelong Learning & Career Path Change

Turn your career path around and redesign your future at P.O.E.P!

Guaranteed Vocational Rehabilitation

The road to success and future employment of your children is one!


Αchieving career goals have never been easier!​​


Courses with asynchronous distance learning.


Attend online classes in real-time from your place.

Hundreds of Internship Partnerships

Partnerships & Certifications

In collaboration with distinguished and
certified global education institutions
we provide the best teaching possible.


Continuous feedback to improve the quality of our services is our main concern.

Matina PapadakiMatina Papadaki
10:49 05 Dec 22
Many specialties, great expertise! Highly recommend for professionals in the field.
great experience, and very good professors
Antonis KaramoutsosAntonis Karamoutsos
11:54 28 Nov 22
very nice experience, I learned a lot
Hans VolterHans Volter
11:53 30 Oct 22
Yes, it's a nice schoolJust guys, what are you doing if you don't answer the phones?How else can we find out the program and the price of some courses?
johnny everlasterjohnny everlaster
12:26 18 Oct 22
Serious school with qualified teachers.

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