Cup (Cupping) massage
Cup massage is a safe, non-violent, and affordable technique that is used to relieve pain caused by disorders in the...

Cup massage is a safe, non-violent, and affordable technique that is used to relieve pain caused by disorders in the lungs and in other internal organs, muscle spasms, joint pains, etc.

The benefits that the receiver can gain are many, such as the release of toxins, and the activation of the lymphatic system and the veins. Cupping massage activates the skin and improves wrinkles and spider veins.

The suction techniques have applications in many massage methodologies (Cellulite, Ayurveda, Tuina, Hippocratic Medicine, Indian healing etc.). Since ancient years, suction cups were used for traditional health problems in many different regions and cultures of the planet. Today, there are suction cups made of materials that are easy to use and with the ability to suction without the traditional fire.

Education Sections

In the training course we will look at all types of suction cups and the methodology of implementation. The technique is addressed to everyone (professional masseurs or not) because of its simplicity.


Practical Study

All seminars include theory and practice.

All participants should carry with them 1 oil massage, 4 face and 2 body towels in order to use them on the practical part of the module.


Training Material

POEP has created electronic educational material, which is sent to all its students after the completion of their education.

In addition, during the educational seminars all students are provided with a written list of all the techniques they perform the specific time period.


All participants, after attending both days of the seminar, receive certification from POEP. This seminar is also included in the specialty of Spa Therapist, after the completion of which and after examinations you can get an international certification from WMF.

Terms of participation

In order to attend the specific training, you need to call and register your participation. To finally confirm your attendance you need to make the required deposit up to 2 days before the start date of the seminar.

Cup (Cupping) massage
Cup (Cupping) massage Διάρκεια 4 Hours
Cup (Cupping) massage Τοποθεσία E-Learning, On premises - Athens, On premises - Thessaloniki, Online
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(+30) 231 040 2360
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On premises - Athens
On premises - Thessaloniki

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