• Who are the seminars addressed to?

The seminars are addressed to both beginners and professionals. They can be attended either by anyone who stands at the beginning of his professional career or by an expert who wants to enrich his knowledge and the services he provides.

• What certification do I get after completing the required courses?

A certification of attendance is given after all the seminars. The students that have completed their training in Classic Massage, Sports Massage, Analgesic Massage, Alternative Therapist, Football Sport Massage Therapist, Thai Massage, Shiatsu, Foot Massage and Reflexology acquire the ability to obtain a degree from the global carrier W.M.F after examinations.

•Can I begin my studies at P.O.E.P. while I am also working?

The answer is yes. There are lessons that take place on the weekends.

•Can I start my own business after I finish my studies?

Of course. The degree provided by the international certification bodies is fully recognized, thus enabling graduates to have their own businesses.

• How long do the lessons last?

The duration of the programs depends on the date of registration of the interested party, as there is flexibility at the starting time of the training.

• Do I have to prepay for the entire program?

Of course not. P.O.E.P gives the possibility of payment per course, in order to facilitate all interested parties.

• Can I take my program courses remotely?

Yes. In P.O.E.P there is the possibility of online training through a special meeting platform.

• What is included in the training programs?

All our educational programs include a theoretical unit, but also practical training.

• Can I work abroad?

A P.O.E.P degree gives the opportunity to work abroad, as it is provided by international organizations abroad.

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