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The Panhellenic Organization of Educational Programs - P.O.E.P. is a distinguished body in the field of education

We cover a wide range of specialties in many different areas of study such as alternative therapies, wellness, sports & exercise, nutrition, and others.

Get the knowledge you need to start a new career or to just further expand your professional horizons in the field of your interest, guided by our distinguished and highly experienced professors.

We stand out because of our great experience and expertise

We have been active in the field of education for over 12 years, based in facilities of 1000 sq.m. in Thessaloniki, but also in a branch of 700 sq.m. in Athens.

Recently, our organization has been active through representatives in other cities and countries, offering the possibility of attending courses remotely.

We offer:

  •      Fast-paced training programs
  •      Training on weekends
  •      The opportunity to get a degree after attending exams from International Universities & Global bodies

Areas of education

  •      Alternative Medicine
  •      Wellness
  •      Nutrition
  •      Sports and Excercise

Our partners

Irini Kosmidou

Irini Kosmidou is a professor of Physical Education and Sports...

Maria Yovanoglou

Maria Yovanoglou is a Neuro-Reflexologist, Iridologist and Electro-Acupuncturist (2014). She...

Nancy Fotopoulou

Traditional Thai Massage Instructor Better Life Coach Knowledge of Chiropractic...

Beatriki Vlastaki

Shiatsu instructor Knowledge of basic principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Hero Parisinou

Massage Therapist specializing in techniques: Shiatsu, Thai Massage, Deep Tissue...

Anthi Tsaliki

Specialist of Rejuvenation and Beauty She uses Rejuvance methods, Lymphatic...

Eleni Voltsi

Gymnastics graduate of the American National Academy of Sports Medicine...

Grigoris Dogas

Grigoris Dogas Graduated in 2003 from the College of Sports...

Varvara Solomonidou

Professor of Physical Education & Sports (TEFAA ATHENS), Wellness Specialist...

Our Facilities

The headquarters of the Pan-Hellenic Organization of Educational Programs are located in Thessaloniki and Athens, and now courses are also provided in other cities of Greece through representatives.

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