Maria Yovanoglou
  • Maria Yovanoglou is a Neuro-Reflexologist, Iridologist and Electro-Acupuncturist (2014). She graduated from Life Therapy Academy in 2013. From September 2014 until June 2018, she had collaborated with the Alternative Education and Wellness Center in Larissa. Since March 2017, she has been the president of the branch of the Panhellenic Association of Professional Reflexologists (PESR) in Northern Greece.
  • She has been running the Holistic Care Center in Kalamaria Thessaloniki since 2015, and transforming it into a special place for reflexology, massage, electroacupuncture, etc. to support various problems that hinder well-being.
  • She specializes in Neuro-Reflexology for musculoskeletal issues. At the same time, she deals with children who have a slow growth rate, fertility issues, stress management, support for cancer patients, and many others.
  • Her main goal is to spread awareness of reflexology within the context of the evolution of wellness methods.
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