Our people

George Thoktaridis

  Professor of Alternative Therapies Graduate Chiropractor Member of the International Organization of Alternative Medicine Educational Director of the World Massage Federation President of PASEMETH (Panhellenic Association of Professional Massage and Alternative Therapists)

Maria Tourapidou

Traditional Thai Massage Lymphatic Massage  Kinesiology Specialist  Rapporteur for softening techniques  Traditional Thai Massage Trainer  

Galenderis H. Dimitrios

Professor of Orthocellular Education Graduate and PhD candidate of the Faculty of Medicine of the AUTH. He works as a private medical examiner and is on the list of experts of the Thessaloniki Prosecutor’s Office. He worked for 4 years at the “Agios Antonios” Neuropsychiatric Clinic, while now he belongs to the medical team of …

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