Classic Swedish Massage
The relaxing massage training can also be a choice for an experienced massage therapist, aiming in enriching the massage techniques

During the relaxing massage training, you will be taught more than 150 techniques of classic Swedish massage. To a person that started recently to get involved with the massage therapy, we suggest him to begin with relaxing massage. Classic massage is the training during which you will learn all the basic massage techniques you can rely on, and then specialize in any other massage area you prefer.

Education Sections

In Swedish massage education you will be taught the following modules:

  • History of Classic Massage
  • Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Professional Protocol
  • Massage techniques
  • Professional orientation
  • General knowledge of Aromatherapy
  • Beneficial actions & contraindications of massage
  • Time management of the therapy
  • Endorphins and their effect

Practical Study

All seminars include theory and practice. Students are invited to bring, if possible, a person-receiver on whom they will apply the techniques they will be taught.

POEP during the lectures determines each week a day for practice in order for students to implement on their receiver the techniques they were taught in the previous lesson and thus to absorb better those techniques.

All participants should carry with them 1 oil massage, 4 face and 2 body towels in order to use them on the practical part of the module.

Training Material

POEP has created electronic educational material, which is sent to all its students after the completion of their education.

In addition, during the educational seminars all students are provided with a written list of all the techniques they perform the specific time period.


Upon completion of the classical massage training, you receive a certificate of participation, and you are also able to obtain a diploma upon examination by the World Massage Federation (W.M.F).

Terms of participation

In order to attend the specific training, you need to call and register your participation. To finally confirm your attendance you need to make the required deposit up to 2 days before the start date of the seminar.
Classic Swedish Massage
Classic Swedish Massage Διάρκεια 15 Hours
Classic Swedish Massage Τοποθεσία E-Learning, On premises - Athens, On premises - Thessaloniki
(+30) 211 012 1272
(+30) 231 040 2360
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*Payment per course available
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On premises - Athens
On premises - Thessaloniki

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