Massage with stones – Lithotherapy
An important tool in the hands of an experienced alternative therapist is the stones (Basalt and Onyx), hot and cold,...

An important tool in the hands of an experienced alternative therapist is the stones (Basalt and Onyx), hot and cold, which stands as a holistic massage technique.

Hot and cold is used in physiotherapy to repair damage of the muscular system. The pressure (weight) is something that we use in many Asian techniques for the KI balance. The combination of the two through the stone tool gives extra capabilities and makes the massage process more substantial and enjoyable. It is part of Traditional Indian Medicine and it was evolved in Hawaii (a basic source of basalt) as a wellness and health methodology.

Education Sections

This seminar is addressed to all massage professionals who want either to apply a modern wellness and health technique to their benefits, or to take advantage of the potential of the stones in their own holistic massage program.

Practical Study

All seminars include theory and practice.

All participants should carry with them 1 oil massage, 4 face and 2 body towels in order to use them on the practical part of the module.

Training Material

POEP has created electronic educational material, which is sent to all its students after the completion of their education.

In addition, during the educational seminars all students are provided with a written list of all the techniques they perform the specific time period.


All participants, after attending both days of the seminar, receive certification from POEP. This seminar is also included in the Spa Therapist specialty, which completes your WMF internationally accredited examination.

Terms of participation

In order to attend the specific training, you need to call and register your participation. To finally confirm your attendance you need to make the required deposit up to 2 days before the start date of the seminar.
Massage with stones – Lithotherapy
Massage with stones – Lithotherapy Διάρκεια 4 Hours
Massage with stones – Lithotherapy Τοποθεσία On premises - Athens, On premises - Thessaloniki, Online
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(+30) 231 040 2360
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On premises - Athens
On premises - Thessaloniki

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