Spa Therapist

In Spa Therapist training you will attend courses such as Massage Relaxation, Suction Cups, Lithotherapy, Aromatherapy and all you need to know to run a Spa and have a successful wellness career.

Aspiring spa therapists initially start their careers, after their training, either as massage therapists or as cosmetologists, beauticians, etc.

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    Of course, there is no set path on how to become a Spa Therapist, as each specialist follows his own path. After training and graduating with a degree from an accredited Spa Therapy school, aspiring spa therapists can obtain a license according to the requirements of the country or state where they reside.

    Usually, graduates start their career in a spa, and over time improving their skills, they can work with experienced Spa Therapists. Once the spa therapist has the experience, they can work at resorts, spas, hotels, or cruise ships either as an employee or as an outside partner.

    The profession of Spa Therapist is an up-and-coming industry, which has been experiencing a continuous bloom in recent years. Well-being is now a hallmark of Beauty Institutes, as well as hotel units, which are constantly hiring staff for the position of Spa Therapist.

    History of Spa Therapy

    The history of spas began thousands of years ago as a favorite habit of the most famous civilizations. From the Mesopotamians, Egyptians, and Minoans, to the Greeks, Romans, and Ottomans, the spa experience was aimed at improving health, mental well-being, and relaxation, the same as it is today.

    According to Homer, in the ancient Greek civilization as early as 500 BC, there were numerous hot water baths that the ancient Greeks often visited. The Roman emperors even built the first Health Clubs, which contained sports facilities, restaurants, baths, and rooms where the Romans could enjoy massages with essential oils.

    Later, in Western Europe spas gradually began to gain fame during the reign of Charlemagne, while during the Renaissance some of the most famous natural springs with healing properties emerged, such as Mount Paeffers in Switzerland, Baden Baden in Germany and the British city ​​of Bath.

    Spa Therapy as a global habit

    As the modern lifestyle consists of countless moments of stress and mental as well as physical strain, spa therapy sometimes becomes imperative that aims at true inner peace, as well as relaxation. Therefore, the Spa Therapy industry is considered one of the fastest-growing industries and is a very good choice for professional rehabilitation.

    Spa Therapy can now be the start of a lucrative career, as it is in high demand these days, because of its benefits that have a direct impact on the client’s mental, as well as physical health. The provision of physical wellness services is inextricably linked to the human factor. Therefore, it is important that someone possesses, but also invests in, his personal quality characteristics (e.g. education), as well as in his high level of knowledge and training, since the good impression he will leave on the customer will also provide him with the above recognition.

    Education in the field of well-being enables everyone to include in their daily life practices, which until now were considered a luxury. The students of this branch can acquire the necessary knowledge and skills, to be able to offer the patient, in addition to relaxation, important resources for a lifestyle-oriented towards inner balance and nature. The therapeutic function of these methods is now widely recognized.

    Spa Therapist Education

    Spa therapy…a new page in your life!
    The Spa Therapy specialization offers a thorough education in subjects such as Relaxation Massage, Cupping, Stone Therapy, Aromatherapy and everything one needs to know to run a Spa and have a successful career in the field of wellness.

    The competition is high, so a Spa Therapist should have excellent knowledge and techniques in the field.

    Spa Therapy Training Program

    The Panhellenic Organization of Educational Programs offers a wide variety of seminars in the field of Spa Therapy, enabling anyone interested to enrich their knowledge of the industry or to cultivate it anew.

    A Spa Therapy training program is also held at P.O.E.P., which consists of:

    •      Theoretical module  
    •      Practical module

    In the theoretical Spa Therapy training, trainees have the opportunity to learn and develop in many and basic forms of Spa Therapy such as:

    •      Classic Swedish massage
    •      Lymphatic Massage
    •      Aromatherapy
    •      Anti-aging Face Massage
    •      Massage with suction cups
    •      Pug massage - herbal therapy  
    •      Stone Massage - Hot & Cold Stones
    •      Cellulite treatment
    •      Head Massage
    •      but also Spa set up

    The practical module is equally important, as it is the utilization of the knowledge that has already been taught to the students. In particular, the trainees are requested, if possible, to bring a person as a recipient , so they apply the techniques that they have been taught.

    For better assimilation of the techniques, in between classes P.O.E.P., also organizes a practice day each week where students can use the practice room to apply the techniques learned in the previous class to their recipient.

    Spa Therapist Schools

    Perhaps the most important question one has is what kind of certification is provided upon completing the Spa Therapist studies. Upon completing the Spa Therapist’s training, the student receives a certificate of participation and is also able to obtain a diploma upon examination by the World Massage Federation (W.M.F).

    Thus, after receiving the recognized degree, the graduate is ready to work in any Spa Therapy business and receive the appropriate experience, so that he can go about his life with the necessary knowledge and techniques.

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