What is Chiropractic?

The general coordinator of the functions of the human body is the spine. The spine is a key part of the human skeleton that supports the head and surrounds the spinal cord from which our entire nervous system begins. So it is reasonable to assume that the good functioning of our spine is very important. The science of chiropractic effectively helps relieve neuromusculoskeletal disorders of the spine without drugs and surgery by unblocking the nervous system.

The adjustment is completely painless and safe as a method of therapeutic manipulation that aims to restore “sub displacements”, i.e. biomechanical disorders of the joints.

What makes chiropractic so important? The striking thing about this science is that it rejects the pharmaceutical approach and the therapeutic machines, in relation to the branches of Medicine, and applies therapeutic techniques that are carried out with the hands and are called adjustments.

History of Chiropractic

The first to discover the benefits of chiropractic was Hippocrates, the father of Medicine, who thoroughly studied the spine as the main organ from which he believed many musculoskeletal conditions originated. Because as a physician he believed in the self-healing of the human body, he applied special hand manipulations that healed blockages in the spine and joints.

Later on, the ancient Greeks applied chiropractic as a method of treatment in Asclepiia, the first health centers of antiquity that were sacred and dedicated to the healing physician Asclepios. However, many ancient civilizations, even indigenous ones in Africa or in the then-unknown America, recognized the healing properties of reeds and adapted chiropractic techniques to relieve joint dysfunctions.

Chiropractic was gradually established as a branch of Health in 1885 by the therapist D.D. Palmer, who subsequently founded the first chiropractic university in America. Palmer believed that the human body possessed abundant natural healing power that could be transmitted through the nervous system. He suggested that if an organ is affected by a disease, it simply must not receive its normal “nerve supply,” which he called “spinal misalignment” or subluxation. Therefore, he systematized this art that was passed ‘by word of mouth’ from generation to generation and systematically studied these forms of healing.

The name Chiropractic was derived from the greek «πράττω εν χειρ» ( pronounced: pratto en chier), a suggestion D.D. Palmer got from his greek colleague.


Why should you choose Chiropractic?

Chiropractic studies are considered an institutionalized and legally protected science in most developed countries of the world. More and more people are turning to chiropractors to solve their musculoskeletal problems using effective bone readjustment techniques.

It is an autonomous and 100% recognized health branch by the World Health Organization (WHO). And not without reason, if one considers that it treats all neuromusculoskeletal diseases and articular dysfunctions of the nervous system of the human body in the most modern way. In fact, the science of chiropractic is the first health branch to have a European standard of services provided by CEN.

Chiropractic is not a specialty of Medicine, nor of physiotherapy or any special massage technique. Although it is not so widespread in Greece, it has been recognized as the third largest health science in the world, after classical medicine and dentistry.

School of Chiropractic

From theory to practice Chiropractic has its scientific approach based on courses that range from Anatomy and Kinesiology to knee and meniscal cruciate ligament tears and many other special courses.


Chiropractors are not doctors as we mentioned, but they are fully specialized therapists since they are professionally recognized by the Association of Greek Chiropractors. Members of this association must be graduates of a recognized chiropractic school who have undergone an annual post-graduate internship under the supervision of a senior member of the Association.

In Greece, the most recognized chiropractic school that an interested student can attend is the Panhellenic Organization of Educational Programs (P.O.E.P.), which provides the most recognized Chiropractic degree in the country. Specifically, the Chiropractor specialty degree is provided by the International Organization of Alternative Medicine – I.A.M.A. following exams that include development questions as well as a practical exam.

P.O.E.P. provides the students with the complete educational material which is sent to all students in electronic form, upon completion of their training, During the training program all students receive material in printed form with the techniques that they learn. Of course, the courses include both practical and theoretical units, so that the students can have a complete understanding of the subject.

Chiropractic Seminars

For greater flexibility, P.O.E.P. offers each student the opportunity to:

  •   to choose some courses from the chiropractor's educational cycle for a professional, who wishes to enrich his knowledge in the field of Alternative Medicine

  •   to offer a new scientific field to a traditional physicians with studies in chiropractic,
      in order to obtain dual status

  •   to enable someone who wants to gain knowledge of a modern and
      developing profession with a wide range and specialization..


The certification of specialty is provided by the International Alternative Medicine Association – IAMA (, after exams that include development questions as well as practice exams.



If the student chooses particular courses of the specialty of Chiropractor in the form of chiropractic seminars, he is able to receive a certification of attendance of the said course attended with the corresponding duration. He cannot receive certification for the specialty of chiropractor, without completing the full course.

Why should you choose P.O.E.P.?

P.O.E.P. is the most recognized body in chiropractic studies. The Chiropractic school contains one of the most comprehensive training programs in the field of alternative medicine. P.O.E.P. prepares its students through thorough and methodical training at a practical and theoretical level. P.O.E.P has recruited the most specialized staff of chiropractic teachers with extensive experience in the subject of study.

At the same time P.O.E.P.

  •     Offers great flexibility and adaptability to the student since he can begin his
        educational process at any time of the year
  •     Offers the ability of paying tuition fees per course
  •     Enables the acquisition of a recognized degree in specialised and pioneer
        educational programs and seminars
  •    Allows the possibility of attending the courses live, through E-Learning or through E-Class. The student can also choose a combination of the above      
  •     Contributes to the support of students after the end of the study cycle by repeating
        courses for free and offering professional rehabilitation
  •     is accessible to anyone interested in pursuing a successful career
        path. This includes high school seniors, professional therapists, doctors, non specialised adults,
        people who want to make a turn towards a different direction in their careerand even businesses that want
        to retrain or to provide knew knowledge to their personel.
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