Head massage

Head massage

The head massage seminar concerns a series of movements regarding the face, neck and head massage, while it includes Indian and Chinese massage techniques.

Head massage relaxes us, relieves us and generates euphoria. However, massage can also be therapeutic. The stress and the intensity of the daily life accumulate in the head, creating various problems. The pressures on specific parts of the head can act therapeutically in case of headaches, sinusitis or colds.

Seminar Information

Education cost / Head massage

100 / 4 hours

Hours: contact us
Athens: L. Vouliagmenis 271
Thessaloniki: I. Tsalouhidi 16-20
Phone Number: 2310402360 / 2110121272


Head massage

All seminars include theory and practice.

All participants should carry with them 1 oil massage, 2 face and 2 body towels in order to use them on the practical part of the module.

POEP has created electronic educational material, which is sent to all its students after the completion of their education.

In addition, during the educational seminars all students are provided with a written list of all the techniques they perform the specific time period.
In order to attend the specific training, you need to call and register your participation. To finally confirm your attendance you need to make the required deposit up to 2 days before the start date of the seminar.
All participants, after attending both days of the seminar, receive certification from POEP.
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Thessaloniki/ Ι. Tsalouxidi 16-20  / Τ: +30 2310402360

Athens/ L. Vouliagmenis 271 /  Τ: +30 2110121272


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