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Education Costs:25€
  • Athens / Thessaloniki
  • 2310402360 / 2110121272

Ability to obtain a degree after examinations held by WMF.

Seminar Information
  • Periostitis
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Hours: Contact us
  • Athens: L. Vouliagmenis 271
  • Thessaloniki: I. Tsalouchidi 16-20
  • Program: Choose city

For each new registration after your recommendation, you receive a discount of 80€!


Periostitis is an inflammation causing pain, usually intense pain, in the anterior surface of the tibia and especially in its medial. It's a syndrome caused by overuse. It usually happens to poorly trained athletes, to teenagers who acquire height quickly, to people exposed to prolonged standing, and to those who tire their ankle (walking on uneven ground, mountaineering, mountain hunting, etc.).

Education Modules

Στην εκπαίδευση θα διδαχθείτε τις εξής ενότητες:

  • During this seminar, you will be taught how to deal with the problems caused by periostitis.
Practical training

All seminars include theory and practice.

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Educational material

POEP has created electronic educational material, which is sent to all its students after the completion of their education.

In addition, during the educational seminars all students are provided with a written list of all the techniques they perform the specific time period.

Όροι συμμετοχής

Για να παρακολουθήσετε την συγκεκριμένη εκπαίδευση θα πρέπει να προηγηθεί τηλεφωνική δήλωση συμμετοχής & μέχρι 2 ημέρες πριν την ημερομηνία έναρξης του τμήματος να καταβληθεί η απαραίτητη προκαταβολή για να γίνει η κράτηση της θέσης.