Thai - Traditional Thai Massage

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Thai - Traditional Thai Massage

Education Costs:160€ per level
  • Athens / Thessaloniki
  • 2310402360 / 2110121272

Ability to obtain a degree after examinations held by WMF

Seminar Information
  • Thai - Traditional Thai Massage
  • Duration: 4 lessons per level
  • Hours: Contact us
  • Athens : L. Vouliagmenis 271
  • Thessaloniki: I. Tsalouchidi 16-20
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Thai - Traditional Thai Massage

The Traditional Thai massage is a technique aging over 2,500 years, which has been practiced for centuries and it has proven its healing value.

Each session of Traditional Thai massage takes place in a relaxed atmosphere, on the floor and on a mattress. No oil is used and the two participants - donor and receiver- are lightly dressed (cotton sportswear and blouse). Apart from any particular effects, in general Thai massage, achieves the following:
• It relaxes nervous tension and muscle rest.
• It stimulates and makes more flexible our tendons, muscles and joints.
• It stimulates the circulatory and lymphatic system with simultaneous detoxifying action on body functions. It strengthens the immune system.
• t improves our general physical condition by acquiring longevity.


the completion of all three levels is a prerequisite.

Education Modules
  • At the basic level we learn the basic techniques in the 4 main positions: the supine, the prone, the oblique and the seated, so that we will be able to apply a complete relaxation session.
  • At themedium level we deepen and complete the new and basic techniques in all four positions. At this level, the donor is able to hold a session regarding musculoskeletal problems.
  • At theadvanced level, the trainees learn the Thai massage energy lines and the corresponding techniques, essentially, for supplementary therapy of organic and psychological problems. .
Practical training

All seminars include theory and practice.

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Educational material

POEP has created electronic educational material, which is sent to all its students after the completion of their education.

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